H.O.M.E. House 2022 designed by Hadi Teherani!


The H.O.M.E. House is a showpiece to which H.O.M.E. devotes an entire issue. It is a one-of-its-kind 360° communication project that interlinks architecture, industry and readership to the sustainable and innovative frontiers of architecture like no other within a wide-ranging inspirational radius. Following the very successful premiere of H.O.M.E. House 2020 from GRAFT Architects and the H.O.M.E. House 2021 from Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, which is now actually going to be built, this “master case” in modern architecture is being set forth as a communication process.


The “builder” – Alexander Geringer, publisher of H.O.M.E. – on the outset of working together: “What we wished for is a sustainable, modern traversing of the border of what’s possible, a statement on the art of building, and a residential stage for design. The vision from Hadi Teherani Architects was a ‘precision landing’ with a big surprise.” What has arisen is a residential paradise in the ground.


“EVERY HOUSE NEEDS A SOUL” A home for tradition and the modern: Hadi Teherani Architects has brought new life to the typology of the courtyard house with the H.O.M.E. House 2022. The team of architects and designers demonstrate how centuries-old techniques contribute to sustainable building and augment the spatial experience factor at the same time. A talk about breezy towers, cool cellars, and floating concrete can be found in the current H.O.M.E. Special edition.




Hadi Teherani celebrates opening of SEFI Properties showroom


Located in Jordan, an upmarket business district of Tehran, this real-estate showroom for SEFI Properties with an attached office and meeting space welcomes its clients on a new level of hospitality. An intrinsic part of the MIKA 9-11 building complex on West Arash Boulevard, the multifunctional multimedia space interacts as a business platform and sales office for a closed upper-level community in the heart of Tehran. Viewed in an architectural sense, a presentation that conveys the individual attractions of each product in alignment with the SEFI corporate image in a highly communicative and illustrative fashion.

The first Courtyard by Marriott in Freiburg im Breisgau


The 4-star business hotel Courtyard by Marriott is one more enterprise that has moved into its new location at the recently inaugurated Volksbank-Areal in Freiburg. From draft design to completion: the Interior Design division at Hadi Teherani drafted and stewarded the project in its entirety. When planning and implementing the interiors, the team oriented itself on the master draft for the property complex and set the design concept forth to apply to the indoor architecture. With space-defining areas set in shades of grey-beige and anthracite along with the use of wood as a prominently enhancing element throughout the building, the interior design imparts a warm and cosy atmosphere to the rooms at the hotel.


In the lobby, flower boxes suspended from the ceiling and freely placed plant elements reflect the outdoor surroundings in Freiburg. They actively refer to the inner courtyard with a terrace on the first floor that employs a green, tranquil oasis to invite patrons to linger. In the entrance area, characteristic features for the Volksbank-Areal complex such as the louvred-blade elements are picked up on again and utilised towards perfecting the whole interior concept. Similar to its application at the Volksbank bank, the design flooring “Open Frameworks” from the firm Parador designed by Hadi Teherani Design dovetails elegantly into the architecture at the hotel. A blue glass mosaic stripe in the floor is reminiscent of the legendary streams flowing in Freiburg and simultaneously serves as a design-related orientational guide. This theme is particularly set forth in all the corridors and rooms at the hotel via a custom-made wall-to-wall carpet from Dansk-Wilton. It carries the history of the streams all the way into the individual rooms.


Managed by the Swiss gastronomy and hotel management group SV Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott in Freiburg has a total of 156 rooms, a ground-floor entrance with representational staircase leading to the spacious lobby on the first floor, a restaurant, lounge, bar, conference room and fitness centre.

© Jochen Stüber

© Courtyard Freiburg

German Design Award Winner 2022 – Excellent Product Design Lighting


»HADI«, the new family of luminaires for Prolicht, made to set a new benchmark in office lighting, performing at the highest technical level, and breaking conventions in terms of design. Available in two forms, »HADI-M« and »HADI-Q«, the visually sporty, dynamically drawn luminaire is highly customizable and offers the opportunity to create a unique piece to match any interior concept. A unique interaction of design and technology.

Volksbank-Areal: Identity-setting architecture for Freiburg


Hadi Teherani Architects has completed a new building complex that marks the cityscape of Freiburg im Breisgau and bears the name Volksbank-Areal. Centrally located directly across from the main railway station in Freiburg, the complex officially inaugurated on September 29th is gateway to the city and calling card in one. The team around Hadi Teherani developed all design-related aspects under one roof, from architecture to interior planning to product design.


A decisive factor in design work by Hadi Teherani is the “genius loci”, the sense of continuity and authenticity associated with a certain location. The specific characteristics of the Breisgau region consequently became the leitmotif for the entire architecture. It incorporates local references and transposes them into a contemporarily elegant design language. A sensitive interpretation of the city’s identity with its wealth of tradition and the world-famous Black Forest mark the starting point for the drafting process. The vertical louvre-blade structure of the façades picks up on the idea of trees in the forest in an abstract manner, an idea consistently applied in the interior architecture as well. The Interior Design division at Hadi Teherani proceeded to draw on local building tradition when furnishing the interiors at this branch of the Volksbank bank. Dark, anthracite-coloured areas and stainless steel stand for timeless style. White walls and warm accents such as wooden slats made of natural oak generate the right “temperature” in an intriguing interplay of contrasts. The element of “wood” comes increasingly into play at Hotel Courtyard by Marriott too, a part of the complex, creating a homey atmosphere in all the rooms. The blue glass mosaic stripe in the floor is reminiscent of the legendary brooks in Freiburg and simultaneously serves as orientational guide.


Multiple structures within the whole complex are grouped around a greened inner courtyard with two separately accessible outdoor terraces, creating oases of tranquility in the midst of town. The 12-storey tower of Volksbank-Areal is visible from afar and equally composed of several two to three-storey blocks whose exteriors are slightly staggered via projections and recesses.


A fundamental role in the drafting process was particularly played by the aspect of sustainability: Volksbank-Areal was awarded preliminary certification in gold by DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council. 90 per cent of the materials from the previous Volksbank branch were recycled and partially reused for construction work on the new building complex.


The multifunctional property measuring 43,000 m² unifies a diversified urban quarter involving a variety of uses from the educational, social, business, hotel and gastronomic sectors. Among other facilities it houses the new headquarters for Volksbank Freiburg, foundations at the Archdiocese of Freiburg, rooms from the secondary school St. Ursula Gymnasium, a hotel, offices and space for retail shops.

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